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You're On Mute 😶 #168

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everyone,
A few quiet weeks from me. Actually, the feedback from my colleagues this week is that I’ve been too quiet.
Why is that?
Change. We’re always changing at Etch, and that often manifests for me in uncertainty. When I’m in my stride, you can’t shut me up, but when I’m creating and challenging, I get a little quieter. Am I doing the right thing? Will anyone support us? Do I even know what I’m doing?
But I stick with it. I know I will profit from action.
The last time I was like this was just over 3 years ago when I started learning about design sprints. I didn’t have the answers to the questions. I hadn’t run enough to know what good looks like. Sidenote: Someone mentioned that I was the inventor of the Remote Design Sprint last week and it made me smile!
So I’m quiet because I’m learning. I don’t particularly care about getting things wrong, but I do know I learn through doing and I’m starting the doing. The Rapid Value Creation model builds upon the work I’ve done in Sprints and now applies it to a wider business context. What do customers value? Or shareholders for that matter? How do we rapidly discover that?
There’s other work-streams I’m on at the moment (you may have heard me get very excited about Digital Design Thinking and the future). I’m also starting to level-up my community-game with Remote Sprinters - expect more over the next few months on that.
Thank you for reading this issue and following this journey with me. I hope you’re all well, motivated and if you’re not: Take time to clear your head. I recommend cycling.
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Further note: Changing the sections again. I enjoy radical change, personal development (getting to know yourself and better yourself) and obviously facilitation and remote collaboration! And of course coolness! Reply to this email if you think it’s an improvement (or not!)

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Here's to talking a little more and being a little louder!
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Ross Chapman
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