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Wild Dreams 🏕 #158

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
I found myself sharing this on the Etch Team’s channel on Friday: “There is now no excuse for not being on top of your game. It can only be blamed by lack of effort.”
It was in reference to a Free Data Scientist’s Toolkit course on Coursera, recommended to me by my friend Nasreen. We know data is going to be a key need from our clients, so now is the time to study up.
Please let me explain my point further though…
Too many times, my answer to most questions is “Google it.” It may be blunt, but when seeking knowledge, there is no better place to gain an introduction.
Google’s mission is “to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. They’re doing a pretty good job of it. I can find anything I need to on Google, from recipes, to home improvement tips, to inspiration.
Attached to that, I’ve been reading more into Canva’s co-founder Melanie Perkins (featured in my last issue). She believes there’s a huge opportunity to be useful in this life, and that she hopes she can live up to that opportunity:
“In order to have wild dreams, a strong sense of character, wisdom and a sense of justice — cherish the challenges you face, the things you don’t have, the things you are afraid of, falling down and making mistakes,” she writes. “It’s this gap that inspires us.”
Have wild dreams, build up your wisdom, cherish fear and get inspired by the opportunity.
Thank you for reading and have a great Sunday,
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Here's to executing wild dreams!
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