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We launched future-focused advisory firm ⚡️ #167

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everyone,
Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks without an issue, but for good reason. We launched advisory firm!
Let me introduce you to Etch Horizon 🌅
Here’s what I said about it on LinkedIn:
2 years ago, on a hill overlooking San Francisco, I shared my vision of a new business model within Etch Group, that applied my love of rapid problem solving methods and practical execution. It was an antidote to the practice that I still see today: Agencies working on comfortable retainers and not helping business leaders capitalise on the opportunities available from the Internet.
I didn’t know then that it would be such a success, but as Etch Sprints (as I called it) completes its second year this month, we’ve become one of the top digital facilitation and business consulting firms in the United Kingdom and have gained a favourable reputation with enviable businesses around the world.
I’m incredibly pleased with everything that we’ve achieved, and in our plan of going further, faster ourselves, we’re bringing that driving force into our new business advisory firm: Etch Horizon. We have a new remit to apply our vast knowledge and expertise in design thinking to creating (and capturing) value with tech firms and medium to enterprise businesses.
To all our team past and present, clients, and everyone else - thank you for everything and see you on the horizon.
What I didn’t say in that announcement is why. Why not continue ‘Sprints? Why the new direction?
I have to challenge myself. I have to get uncomfortable for the learning to happen. I have to screw up. I’ll make some wins too. It’s that that is going to force my growth to become even more value to people.
And this gives me the opportunity to look at everything with fresher eyes. My design process, for example, has stayed the same for the last couple of years. Time to start again, redesign, discover and improve. Take those things that are off-limits and change them up. Things that really light me up. The method though, will be quite familiar to me:
“I am always doing things I can’t do – that’s how I get to do them.” – Pablo Picasso
Thank you for reading this issue and following this journey with me,
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Ross Chapman
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