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Understand strategy 📈 #126

On my path as a product designer, there's some distinct additions to what I know as a UX designer tha
Understand strategy 📈 #126
By Ross Chapman • Issue #126 • View online
On my path as a product designer, there’s some distinct additions to what I know as a UX designer that I need to master:
  • growth
  • strategy
  • marketing
Don’t call me a unicorn though 🦄 - the more you know, the more you can show! The people that offer most value are the most useful and I want to be as relevant as possible when I work with businesses to help solve their critical business problems.
So I’ll be sharing the best from the web in growth, strategy and marketing as I’m learning too.
Thank you for reading,
Note: You’ll see that I’ve swapped out cycling for growth and strategy in this issue. Let me know if it’s an improvement!

Product design ⚡️
How Jobs-to-be-Done Completes Your Google Ventures Design Sprint
Introducing MURAL Guides: Improve your digital collaboration skills
Growth 📈
Want to Be a Growth-Hacker? You Need to Read These Growth-Hacking Business Books.
How Growth Hacking Can Grow Your Company Wildly
AJ&Smart Has Generated €2 Million in Sales from Social Media: Here's How
Strategy 🗺
WTF is Strategy?
The Squid & the Whale, Revisited – 500ish Words
The iPhone Franchise – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Coolness 😎
Why Older People Have Always Trashed Young People
Why you shouldn’t share your goals
Here's to understanding strategy!
“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” - Lee Bolman
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