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Tomato timing for discipline 🍅 #82

I've been looking at improving focus this week, and it seems it's a common problem in the industry. I
Tomato timing for discipline 🍅 #82
By Ross Chapman • Issue #82 • View online
I’ve been looking at improving focus this week, and it seems it’s a common problem in the industry. I’ve often been based in an open-plan studio and it’s all too easy to walk on over to the person you need to talk to and unintentionally interrupt their work.
It reminds me of the Pomodoro technique I tried once, where you conduct focussed work for around 20 minutes, and then have a 5 minute break, later having a longer break. Setting up other rules such as only contacting each other on Slack is going to be something I’ll also try next week to gain more focus through discipline.
I’ve found more often than not that urgent things are rarely that urgent.
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