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Share, don't care 💌 #88

Last Friday, Etch hosted the Summer Summit: An afternoon of digital and drinks. I shared my views on
Share, don't care 💌 #88
By Ross Chapman • Issue #88 • View online
Last Friday, Etch hosted the Summer Summit: An afternoon of digital and drinks. I shared my views on how design-led companies are basically the best, we heard from experts in tech and marketing, finishing with a spot of beatboxing. 😂
It’s been the first talk I’ve done this year, doubting whether I had something original to add to the narrative. The fact of the matter is, original or not, sharing something valuable is always a good strategy.
“We try as hard as we can to sound just like someone we admire; someone who evokes a strong feeling that we would like to emulate. The best part is, no matter how hard we try to copy, we wind up sounding like a version of ourselves.”
That’s why if you are trying to come up with something new, you are far better off improving or building upon something that already exists.
You could call it iteration.
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- Ross
Note: I’ve stuck with the two key things I’m passionate about. Better to go deep than to go wide 😂

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Here's to copying to start finding your originality!
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