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Scaling the unscalable 🕹 #138

Hey folks, I've just published the Etch Sprints newsletter (not on it, subscribe here!). Bit crazy ru
Scaling the unscalable 🕹 #138
By Ross Chapman • Issue #138 • View online
Hey folks,
I’ve just published the Etch Sprints newsletter (not on it, subscribe here!). Bit crazy running two, but I’m all about scaling the unscalable!
This past week, I’ve been building my sales machine. I’ve written scripts, adjusted landing pages and experimented with different calls to action. The killer tip for me has been to create a to-do list for business development that I do every day at least once. It currently looks like:
  • connect with 100 product managers or product owners on LinkedIn
  • after a few hours, start a conversation with each
  • line up valuable content on Buffer
  • create stories on a Trello board to share over the week
  • capture photos to share
Other than that, I’m really happy about specialising. Talking about something consistently and being very clear on the value is great. It comes with its challenges of course. Offering a week of work means that value pricing is more suitable than exchanging time for money. Right now, that value is £10k a week. With more awareness and growth, I hope to increase that.
With the lofty goals of generating £500k in gross profit this year and seeing that I’m so behind, I’ve also started building something new, almost by accident. It’s going to take a couple of months, but I can’t wait to share - likely in July - what that looks like.
Other than that, I’ve adjusting the pricing models of Sprints and aiming for growth over revenue. That means more free meet-ups, more LinkedIn outreach, more speaking and actually getting on YouTube. I’m also learning about Facebook ad setup, which should increase growth.
As always, thanks for supporting this issue (and get more Sprint content on this newsletter).
Here’s to building, adjusting and learning.
thanks, Ross

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Here's to building, learning and adjusting!
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