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Quality or speed 💫 Issue #68

There's been a conversation recently about speed over quality - something you get with a minimum viab
Quality or speed 💫 Issue #68
By Ross Chapman • Issue #68 • View online
There’s been a conversation recently about speed over quality - something you get with a minimum viable product. Because we’re working so fast to deliver, we don’t spend time on, say, icon design or aesthetics of the design. It reminds me of the designer’s triangle:
Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick two.
But you can have three. The reason for releasing early is to start learning whether this idea has any legs at all. Quality in the aesthetics can be taken from a Design Manual (similar to the one we built at Wiggle). Fast comes from principles from Lean UX and Design Sprints. That really involves design and development working together, preferably in feature team.  Cheap? Better to find out its a bad feature early than give the project 3 months to find that out. If anything is expensive, it’s the quality of the people working on the project.
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