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Promote Remote 🌎 #150

Hey everybody, As companies rapidly update their travel policies and people are rushing to buy hand s
Promote Remote 🌎 #150
By Ross Chapman • Issue #150 • View online
Hey everybody,
As companies rapidly update their travel policies and people are rushing to buy hand spray, the world keeps on turning. Interestingly, I’ve found there to be more conversations about remote facilitation and workshops, which I can only see as a positive thing. People still want to get great work done!
I believe there’s two distinct factors into a successful remote workshop:
  1. The ability to manage the digital tools
  2. Great facilitation
The former takes practice. The latter also takes practice, but they both take bravery and leadership.
To make remote workshops engaging, you must have a clear structure available to participants so they can anticipate how time will be used. I structure workshops based on the goals of the client and the type of project. ref
There’s no better time to get going - please do reply to this email if you need tips or advice. Also check out this webinar I’ll be doing which will be 100% remote.
Appreciate your attention reading this and have a great weekend,
thanks, Ross

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Here's to promoting remote!
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