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Procrastination (and a trip to a cold destination!) 🇨🇭 #102

This week I flew to Copenhagen to attend the Design Sprint Workshop with Jake Knapp and Berlin-based
Procrastination (and a trip to a cold destination!) 🇨🇭 #102
By Ross Chapman • Issue #102 • View online
This week I flew to Copenhagen to attend the Design Sprint Workshop with Jake Knapp and Berlin-based agency AJ&Smart. More in the post below, but just to say IT WAS AWESOME!
I’ve also put together a web page on how we run Design Sprints at Etch  - more info on Design Sprints with Etch here!
Procrastination. I hate it. I also know it. Years back when I was freelancing, I didn’t know how to fill my day, or worse yet, had tasks that were too unwieldy, I just put it off until there was no more time left.
In other roles, some of the environments meant that you should spend longer on some things than you should. Making PowerPoint decks for a 2 hour meeting for example, or creating countless wireframes with little understanding of the purpose.
Well now, I don’t care about that stuff. I just do. It can rub people up the wrong way, and that’s ok, because at least something is being done. 
There are levels though, and I’m moving more into the uncomfortable. Saying no, but suggesting alternatives. Delivering work in photos and paragraphs, not lengthly documents of words that few will read. 
There are some surprising results. When publishing, I’m reminded of keeping to the right tone of voice. The funny thing is, that I seem to be learning what that is with every post I make, ultimately not needing anyone to check before I publish.
It reminds me of this quote from my favourite film composer:
“If somebody tells you that there is a rule, break it… It’s the only way to move things forward” - Hans Zimmer.
I’m on a mission to make every minute of my working life count. Procrastination is not my ally.
Thank you for supporting this issue,
- Ross

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