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Play a few steps ahead 💪 #154

Hi everybody, It's been a crazy week. #BlackLivesMatter protests in LA and other major cities. Unclea
Play a few steps ahead 💪 #154
By Ross Chapman • Issue #154 • View online
Hi everybody,
It’s been a crazy week. #BlackLivesMatter protests in LA and other major cities. Unclear guidelines around COVID-19 lockdowns and the looming global recession, the likes we’ve never seen.
Let’s focus on that last point.
“A two-quarter GDP contraction is expected in both the U.S. (-10% and -25%) and the Euro Area (-15% and -22%)”
What do you do? According to the “7 ways to help recession-proof your finances”, Bankrate suggests these simple tasks:
  1. Pay down debt
  2. Boost emergency savings
  3. Identify ways to cut back
  4. Live within your means
  5. Focus on the long haul
  6. Identify your risk tolerance
  7. Continue your education and build up skills
I’m on track with three and working towards the remaining four. How do you score?
We’re in for a rocky ride, but you can rely on this newsletter to keep you in your stride.
Thank you for reading,
Note: If you want help from me to build up skills and get help on UX/Product design, career advice, personal branding and remote work, consider booking some coaching time with me.

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Here's to getting ahead by using your head!
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