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Personal Branding is Good Business 📊 #141

Hey everyone, It's been a great couple of weeks doing purposeful work. I've been intrigued as to how
Personal Branding is Good Business 📊 #141
By Ross Chapman • Issue #141 • View online
Hey everyone,
It’s been a great couple of weeks doing purposeful work. I’ve been intrigued as to how a stronger personal brand could catapult Etch Sprints forward, so I’ve been experimenting with a few formats including getting on other people’s podcasts, hacking into other folks meet-ups and also… drum-roll please… getting on to YouTube.
People deal with people, and with the world being way more transparent now with the internet “you can’t have “multiple personalities” anymore for business, family, and everything else.” It’s all one and the same.
Personal branding wiz Gary Vaynerchuk goes on to say
“Your personal brand is your reputation. And your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career.”
So a good Personal Brand IS Good Business.
You probably know that I have both my own accounts and Etch Sprints accounts. The latter is going to make way more sense as Etch Sprints grows.
But when given the choice of two options, what do I do? I DO BOTH.
So that YouTube thing, head on over to my channel and see how that’s doing. The first few with be ropey AF, but I’m going to DO and LEARN and I hope you learn something new from me on it.
Thank you for your attention,
- Ross

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