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Outcomes over Outputs ☀️ #162

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
The title for this week’s issue (sent a little later that usual) comes from this Inc article. Siemens’s new remote work policy is a master class in emotional intelligence:
  1. Focus on outcomes rather than time spent in the office
  2. Trust and empower your employees.
Powerful isn’t it? I really liked this sentence: “Most companies pay their people based on how many hours they spend at work. But this is kind of dumb, if you think about it. After all, those same companies are paid for a result: the end product or service they provide, not the amount of time it takes to produce them.
I think people confuse the difference between outputs and outcomes and this really puts that confusion at bay. Output here is the hours worked. Outcome is the end product or service.
You could spend 10 focussed hours or 100 unstructured hours. You could involve 10 people or 100 people to get there (more people don’t necessarily mean faster or better delivery). Look at Brook’s Law for more on that last part.
The same with this newsletter. The outcome - delivering this to you is what I’m measuring myself on, not the time taken. It may surprise you to know that it usually only takes me 30 minutes to get an issue out. In comparison, it can often take 5 people within a business to send out a newsletter, and with that, comes extra complexity.
I’m aware of rambling here, but I think organisations of the future are smaller, more expert and rely on technology for over half their operations. Where do you play?“ Bet on yourself as your greatest investment” says Robin Arzon from Peloton.
Appreciative of your attention and thank you for reading,
thanks, Ross
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Bet on yourself and focus on outcomes, not outputs this week!
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Ross Chapman
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