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Originality 🆕 #175

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Originality is the quality of being new and inventive. A composer who writes a symphony to be played by car horns and cell phones shows great originality. When something is original, it is creative and not derived from something else. It’s fresh.
Trying to offering something fresh and original in this issue. Watch this!
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Watch an Intro to this Issue!
Watch an Intro to this Issue!
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Remote Work 🌍
Kona, the EQ platform for remote teams.
Why Taking a Holistic View of Workplace Well-being Is So Important
Council Post: Five Tips To Make Remote Teams More Agile
Facilitation 👩‍💻
If Your Innovation Effort Isn’t Working, Look at Who’s on the Team
5 Energisers To Use In Your Next Workshop
Design Sprint with Kids!
UX ⚡️
Creating a research culture with Atlassian's Leisa Reichelt
Measuring user experiences — an interview with Toby Yakubu-Sam
‘Inclusive Design is designing for everyone’ — Interview with Emilio Jéldrez, Senior UX Designer at King
Coolness 😎
Kate Rooney of Design Pickle: “Create a podcast (seriously)”
Making Twitter a better home for writers
Here's to being the OG this week!
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Ross Chapman
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