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Know yourself to improve yourself 👨‍🎨 #84

Do you know what your role is? Understanding that can help you decide on the next step. It did for me
Know yourself to improve yourself 👨‍🎨 #84
By Ross Chapman • Issue #84 • View online
Do you know what your role is? Understanding that can help you decide on the next step. It did for me.
For the past four years, I’ve been a user experience designer. I figured out that this is what I wanted to do, as I got a kick out of seeing people experience websites and apps and loved learning about removing subjectivity from design and creating a loop of building, measuring and learning. It made sense to me.
It hasn’t always been the case. Around 10 years ago I couldn’t decide whether to be a video editor or a web designer. I went between the two for a few years, finally just making a decision to can the video production side of things. Making that decision freed me up to embrace design deeper and start learning all the skills needed to level up to get better.
Just making that decision stopped the procrastination and uncertainty. 
The same thing can be applied to product design. You could discuss a multitude of features or design changes, but it gets you nowhere fast. Making a decision and executing gets you to the next thing. Even if you find out it was the wrong decision, you’ve found out in much less time by just trying it out. 
Execution is the game - Gary Vaynerchuck
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