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Know thyself 💁‍♂️ #161

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
My family and I were due to be in the South of France right now. We were going to get a place for us and both sets of parents. Those arrangements were swiftly cancelled a few months back and instead we now have new plans for bike-packing, improving the house, camping and exploring the local area.
Having recently learnt about my personality type (ENTP for those interested - find yours!), I’m now hacking some of my behaviour. For this bike-packing trip with my son, I usually leave everything to the last minute. It gets stressful, but we get there. It’s a week away and uncharacteristically, I’ve started packing. Gladly so, because I’m realising how much we’re carrying, and making those decisions that will affect the success of the trip. Will we use the frisbee? Look out for photos on my Instagram this Friday.
This week, I’ve also been trying out LinkedIn Live. Live video is much more forgiving that getting on YouTube for me. Conversely, I put very little preparation in, just sending it and ultimately made some mistakes along the way. By the fourth time, things were actually working ok.
What I’ve realised is that some of my beliefs are aligned to my personality type. I say “fail fast”, because that’s part of what I’m comfortable with. I personally struggle with empathy, which is why you’ll find I don’t talk about it too much. I overrate thinking and prefer to go do. This approach has varied success when working with others. Clients and colleagues do often want to go away and think about it. I’m going to put more effort into understanding who I’m talking to, not so I can change, but so I can identify connections that may prove more compatible. Maybe we’ll get more done?
Finally, I’ve often been inspired by the actions and messages from people in my life. Doing a Google search confirmed that alignment:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk: ENFP - A lot of my beliefs connected with the opportunities on the internet stem from Gary
  • Steve Jobs: ENTP - Certainly influenced myself, though he was considered a ruthless leader
  • Walt Disney: ENTP - I’ve really enjoyed the Imagineers series - everything had meaning and was always pushing for better
  • Barack Obama: ENTP - Enjoyed watching him work and still now
  • Rose McGowan: ENTP - said “Why should I downplay myself to make someone else more comfortable?”

I’m spending time researching and understanding more of what I’m doing. Once I know more, I can do more.
Thank you for reading this issue,

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Here's to getting to know what makes you YOU this week!
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