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Keep in the present moment ⏳ #105

"Anything that keeps me in the present moment, is an asset" - Phil DeekerSubject inspired by a quote
Keep in the present moment ⏳ #105
By Ross Chapman • Issue #105 • View online
“Anything that keeps me in the present moment, is an asset” - Phil Deeker
Subject inspired by a quote from the recent Ride of a Thousand Cols video from Rapha. I’d apply it to collaboration, and Phil himself says that he much prefers sharing his experiences with others.
We collaborate together to keep in the present moment. When decisions and (sometimes more importantly) discoveries are made, it’s best discovered together at the same time. It saves time too and I’m all about that!
Last Friday, I presented back the findings of a user testing session with one of our new partners at Etch - Young’s Brewery. We had an online screen share, I showed the partner the clickable high-quality prototype and shared the learnings from the user test.
At certain points, I explained what feedback we had from the user tests and areas we should look to improve.
Sharing the prototype through the lens of the user is a big win when sharing work. I find that you start talking more about the user experience and the business objectives and less about the the things that don’t matter.
Here’s to having better conversations in your team and keeping in the present moment this week!
Thank you for supporting this issue,
- Ross

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