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Just Make a Decision 🗽 #143

Hey everybody, I was fortunate enough to go to New York City a couple of weeks ago to co-run a Design
Just Make a Decision 🗽 #143
By Ross Chapman • Issue #143 • View online
Hey everybody,
I was fortunate enough to go to New York City a couple of weeks ago to co-run a Design Sprint with a management consultancy out there.
Just one of a bunch of opportunities I’ve said yes to this year.
But how do you know what to say yes to and what to say no to? What is the right answer?
My spin on this - there is no right answer, it’s about making a decision with what you have and if it doesn’t seem right, to adapt.
Don’t sweat the small shit and just get it done - SPEED MATTERS - Gary Vaynerchuk.
That’s going to matter a lot over the next few months and years. Companies are going to fail, customers will choose less risky options and costs will fundamentally need cutting as we enter another recession. Only the strong (business models) will survive and those most adaptable to change will actually grow.
So say “yes” or say “no” - it doesn’t matter. Just make a decision.
I’ve also recently said no to a bunch of things recently too, as I’m getting more aware of what meets my key goals.
Thank you for your attention,
Also: I’m running a series of 1-day Design Sprint Bootcamps from now until Christmas. If you can get to London, it’s a fantastic way to start learning Design Thinking and better prepare you for the future of making decisions FAST:

In this video, I talk about how partnerships can move you forwards, keeping grounded and how there’s so much more work to do!
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Here's to just making a decision and being able to adapt!
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