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Invent the future 🛸 #159

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hey everybody,
Putting this issue together just before my birthday weekend, and it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher - sun and blue skies! See what I get up to on my Instagram.
I’ve visited the office a couple of times these past few weeks. Yes, Etch Sprints has been impacted, but activity has kept consistent throughout and customers are starting to come back. It’s given me time to assess how this business grows and the bet I made on Remote Design Sprints in April 2019 has paid off. Now I need to take that and move it up.
Businesses are being squeezed to breaking point. Some industries have suffered more than others, but I’m paying close attention to those that are growing. I’m looking closely at the mergers & acquisitions going on at this time as it’s giving me a sense of where business leaders are finding new opportunities. At home subscription models and digital products with purpose.
Even some of the traditional organisations are making tough decisions. Mitsubishi Corporation, one of Japan’s most active and aggressive dealmakers for more than a century, will impose a one-in, one-out policy toward acquisitions as coronavirus prompts a historic strategic shift. The company “attempts to keep its balance sheet robust through what it fears could be a prolonged crisis.”
But moreover, this is a time for ideas. Inventors are needed right now. Don’t sit and grumble! Understand the problem, do your research and create a solution that is must-have, especially during COVID-19.
Appreciate your attention as ever,
- Ross
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Here's to moving forward and inventing the future!
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