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Innovation is easy if you can predict the future 👩‍💼 #173

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
Remote Work is a passion of mine, but few know why. I’ll likely make a video on it sometime, but here’s the skinny:
I believe that over time, people will fully acknowledge and embrace the opportunities accessible through the internet, meaning that most “office work” will be done without an office. The time, cost and stress involved in travelling to a city will be gradually reduced when organisations realise that people can still do what they need to do, when fully supported. Actually, it’s already happening.
But wait! What about the social life that comes from going to the office? Well my friend, with few going to the big cities to do their work, where are they going to spend their time and money? That’s right: Local. I fully anticipate communities being invested in and greater friendships and social lives being formed. People will work less and enjoy the countryside more. This will help combat the notion that remote work can be lonely.
Large organisations unable to embrace this change will die, if they can’t attract the talent. What can be performed online, will be.
Initially, institutions like the schooling system will fight this - relying upon teachers to do synchronous Zoom calls instead of taking the easy way out and curating a BBC Bitesized piece. Eventually they will realise they can do less. When my son says he prefers a Joe Wicks workout to his Zoom call with 100 other kids, I believe it.
Parents will decide too. When I hear of families like Lee Mallon’s take their children out of the school system and go travelling - this is just the start. It’ll skip my children’s generation, but education will get the update it’s so desperately needed. A complete digital transformation. Homeschooling will get a serious reboot.
There’s so much more opportunity for people to do what they want to do in 2021+. When you see how people are investing 4 years into creating content for YouTube and end up with an Annual Recurring Revenue of over £1 million, you know that patience and consistency are the real drivers - not access to audience and tooling.
There’s more I can say, but I think that covers the basics. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I am interested in what you think. Reply to this email and let me know!
Thank you for taking your time to read this week’s issue,
thanks, Ross
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