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Influenced by Sprint 🖼 #124

I've just come back from a 2-day workshop with one of our Etch partners in Cornwall. It wasn't a Desi
Influenced by Sprint 🖼 #124
By Ross Chapman • Issue #124 • View online
I’ve just come back from a 2-day workshop with one of our Etch partners in Cornwall. It wasn’t a Design Sprint, but it was heavily influenced by the methodology.
We did the Ask The Experts, Long Term Goal and Map exercises on the first day. We then broke and I worked up a prototype. The following day, we wrote user stories, critiqued the design and I made live changes.
The benefit is of course, collaboration. Can you imagine how many calls and meetings we would’ve had instead! At the end of two days, we’ve got a design that we can test with users and we could decide to develop.
Suffice to say, any work that I do outside of a Design Sprint is heavily influenced by the Design Sprint. I’m very happy with that.
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