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I made a podcast 🎙 #106

No deep, meaningful theme this week folks. I MADE A PODCAST ⚡️ I've wanted to do one for years, but t
I made a podcast 🎙 #106
By Ross Chapman • Issue #106 • View online
No deep, meaningful theme this week folks. I MADE A PODCAST ⚡️
I’ve wanted to do one for years, but thinking, discussing and looking at what other people were doing made me procrastinate. I’d also think about kit, how it would look, and then worried about adding to the noise. All in all, making it a bigger deal than it ever needed to be.
But now, I’ve recorded the first episode. 
What changed?
I’m all about doing and learning now. Don’t get in my way! I’ll create and learn as I go to find out what’s good. Is it good enough? You’ll never know, unless you DO. 
Am I comfortable with it? No. That’s ok though. Getting out of my comfort zone will help me grow.
Jack Canfield puts it well:
By continually talking about, thinking about, and writing about the way things are, you are continually reinforcing those very same brain pathways that got you to where you are today.
To change this cycle, focus instead on thinking, talking and writing about the reality you want to create. You must flood your unconscious with thoughts and images of this new reality.
You have got to break the cycle. The cycle of doubt, comfort and what you know. Find what you don’t know and if it greets you with fear, go forward.
Thank you for supporting what I’m doing by reading this issue.
- Ross

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