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I'm leaving Wiggle 👋 #78

Well, if you somehow missed the subject line, then read again - I'm leaving Wiggle. I'm stepping out
I'm leaving Wiggle 👋 #78
By Ross Chapman • Issue #78 • View online
Well, if you somehow missed the subject line, then read again - I’m leaving Wiggle.
I’m stepping out of my comfort zone into something all together new, which I’ll share next week.
What does that mean for this newsletter? Well that’s really for you to decide. I’ve had some nice comments in recent issues. Some have told me that they like the few lines I add on each link. Others like the sections. 
With the slight shift into what’s next for me, I’m interested more than ever in what you want to see each week. More user research? Ever-more eCommerce? Cut the cycling? Craft the coolness? Please do reach out and let me know.
Thank you for supporting this issue. 
- Ross
note: Slight tweak to the format - let me know what you think!

Digital design 👨‍💻
Scratching an itch
Design in the Era of the Algorithm
Building a Cohesive Design Team
User research 🙋
User Research. Empathy Is the Best UX Policy
How to Get Stakeholders to Buy Into User Research
Get the Most Out of User Research
Cycling 🚴
Laura's Dirty Kanza Adventure - Gravel, Grit and Lady Luck
The Rapha Nocturne
Bikepacking Essentials With Sean Conway
Coolness 😎
How to use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to level up
How To Network On Instagram DM
'Wonder Woman' and the Importance of the Female Hero Moment
Here's to stepping out of your comfort zone!
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