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Hybrid is the Topic of 2021 👋 #178

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi friends,
Hybrid working has often been regarded as a compromise. GitLab use the term Hybrid-Remote:
“Hybrid-remote is currently more common than all-remote, as it is easier for large, established companies to implement.
In a hybrid-remote scenario, there is one or more offices where a subset of the company commutes to each day — working physically in the same space — paired with a subset of the company that works remotely. These institutions are primarily colocated, but allow remote work.” ref
Sounds great and it’s only been very recently that this has become easier. With tools such as Microsoft Surface Hub + Mural, in-person and remote workers can work seamlessly together. With widespread adoption of Slack and Zoom, we’ve rewritten the way we work, and 2020 was just the start.
Hybrid-Remote is the first of three areas I’m currently pursuing. The second is Data-Driven workshops (expect news from Google and myself on that soon) and the third is Asynchronous Collaboration.
Thanks for reading this issue and I hope you’re keeping well wherever you are in the world.
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Thank you 🤝
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Ross Chapman
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