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How do you measure productivity? 💪 #115

I'm reminded of the post from a few weeks back about how Design Sprints can at least double productiv
How do you measure productivity? 💪 #115
By Ross Chapman • Issue #115 • View online
I’m reminded of the post from a few weeks back about how Design Sprints can at least double productivity. How do you measure productivity?
According to the no-nonsense Harvard guide, it’s Units of Output, divided by Units of Inputs. 
The central mission of a productivity index is to illuminate how a business can get more units of output per labor hour, per machine, or per pound of materials than its competitors.
So how can this apply to design projects and how can we see how the Design Sprint compares? Simply looking at a past project with similar outputs could be a good start. We’re not looking at achieving better results yet, although that may be a by-product of getting to market quicker (execution is the game!).
There are still challenges though. If someone wants to make a productivity calculator for the Design Sprint - go do that! I’m taking productivity right now as a mindset - see the quote at the bottom of this issue for more on that!
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