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Habits Help You Show Up ⏰ #142

Hey everybody, I just checked and the first issue I ever sent was Nov 13, 2015. Like, that's nearly f
Habits Help You Show Up ⏰ #142
By Ross Chapman • Issue #142 • View online
Hey everybody,
I just checked and the first issue I ever sent was Nov 13, 2015. Like, that’s nearly four years ago!
It’s something that I made a habit of. I’m not a fan of all chat and no action and starting something for it only to disappear would’ve been just embarrassing.
There’s over 140 issues now, featuring an interview with yours truly, such provocative content as design thinking is bullsh*t and the difference between good and great UX designers.
So if you’re ever looking for inspiration, check them all out, but remember: Execution is the game. Take what you have learned and try it out.
Knowing that people like you expect this hitting their inbox (nearly weekly), keeps me going - so thank you.
Appreciative of your attention,
thanks, Ross
Note: I’m looking to meet visual designers and workshop facilitators over the next few weeks. If you love the Design Sprint (or intrigued enough about it), let’s meet! Email me.

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Here's to building those habits to help you just show up!
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