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Going Against Nature 🌱 #164

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
I was listening to a recent Stratechery podcast this morning about Apple and Amazon and the key insight was that there wasn’t a better business, they were simply different businesses.
Apple for example, has always struggled with services. iCloud, Siri.. there are better alternatives. Amazon does better here, but failed when it tried to make its first mobile phone. That’s because Amazon’s natural sweet spot is in services, not devices.
Why did some things fail? They were going against nature.
Microsoft did this too, with its failed Zune product. Thankfully now, it’s going back to where it plays best: Enterprise and work.
By the way, I think LinkedIn should TOTALLY buy or create a CRM. Like, why haven’t they done that yet?!
There are a great deal of businesses changing during Covid-19. Some are pivoting to new areas. Others are just rebranding their current efforts and hoping for the best. Market disruption is about utterly destroying what works now, but in whatever you are doing, do consider where it’s natural for you to play - you’ll likely have more success in that area!
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Here's to changing, but not going against your nature.
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