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Get it done ⚙️ #110

This week, I'm working with a long-term partner of Etch's on improving their productivity. It's quite
Get it done ⚙️ #110
By Ross Chapman • Issue #110 • View online
This week, I’m working with a long-term partner of Etch’s on improving their productivity. It’s quite a different project to some, where design isn’t really the focus = efficiency is.
Sure, we’ll do some design - this is a customer facing product after-all. The real issue here it seems is confidence. Confidence to change and try new things.
We’re helping by trimming down their backlog, prioritising in effort/impact and creating risky designs to get human data from, in user tests. That should help give them confidence to innovate.
This project comes at a time when productivity is being scrutinised, especially here in the UK. 
Be more productive. That often means being brave, ignoring others opinions and experimenting in the market, while being patient. It also means prioritising - you can’t do everything on Day 1.  
Thank you for supporting this issue,
- Ross
note: Martijn (from Revue) tells me that these issues will get GDPR compliant before the deadline which is great - because I love Revue!

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