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Full steam ahead 🌫 #130

I'm trucking along with Etch Sprints (subscribe to the new newsletter!). Every day seems like a race
Full steam ahead 🌫 #130
By Ross Chapman • Issue #130 • View online
I’m trucking along with Etch Sprints (subscribe to the new newsletter!). Every day seems like a race to the end and while I like being busy (or as Jake says “purposeful”!), I can’t help think that I’m likely rushing things.
Case in point: I sent a proposal to a new client this week. After an hour or so, I received an acceptance and we looked at dates to book in. However, upon re-reading the proposal, I noticed that I’d left some old writing in there that talked about a completely different project - oops!
I since apologised and rectified, but it’s these kind of things that I need to not let slip - and to be honest, it’s usually when I have to write something from scratch.
Immediately, I thought to myself ‘I need to automate this,’ with the aim of having less human error involved, but I also recognised it for what is was - a mistake. A mistake I can fix going forward.
This concept of slowing down for better results is counter-intuitive - one of the ideas Barry O'Reilly suggested at last month’s Google SprintCon. Andrew Miller says this about that:
This may sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes organizations need to slow down in order to accelerate growth.
Too many organizations think that speed is only about moving faster. That’s simply not true. The best organizations focus on speed optimization. They determine when it is best to speed things up and when it is best to slow things down.
Optimal enterprise velocity is the rate at which an organization does business without sacrificing the quality of their offerings. Essentially, how fast an organization can move and still be effective. Knowing when to slow down and when to speed up, and having the ability to accelerate and brake accordingly, can change the position of a company overnight.
More thoughts in this article.
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Here's to slowing down and then speeding up!
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