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Flipping #134

Hey all, Slightly delayed, but at least now it is made. I've been chatting to my son about him earnin
Flipping #134
By Ross Chapman • Issue #134 • View online
Hey all,
Slightly delayed, but at least now it is made.
Ive been chatting to my son about him earning some pocket-money. When I was growing up, Id be given a 瞿1 or so for doing the dishwasher or hoovering the house. The trouble was, these chores dont follow through into real life (I totally dont get an allowance to do the multitude of washing that comes with a four-person family!).
So, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuks Trash Talk, were going to start an experiment into Flipping. Finding bargains and banging them on eBay.
To start, we need some seed funding, so were selling a few old toys and things we dont value around the house. The minimalist in me is loving it! Then, well start getting some inventory. What well specialise in, I dont know yet, but well be scouring charity shops and Facebook marketplace for some bargains.
One thing I know for sure is that school didnt teach me about earning money - one of the most important skills in the modern age. I want to impart that experience and learning to my son.
Ill share how we get on in a future issue,
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