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Fight Growth Fatigue 📈 #166

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everyone,
When everyday is Day 1, over time - fatigue is sure to set in at some point.
In the recent Growth Designers newsletter, Will and Molly share top tips to fighting growth fatigue. They’re really good, so I thought I’d share here:
  • Focus on enablement of colleagues rather than doing it all yourself.
  • Invest in repeatable processes so you can follow your own playbook and simply modify templates for project and research plans. (Bonus: Give your process a really pretentious name like “Growth Design Loop” to make it seem more like A Thing™️)
  • Connect to the purpose of your growth, what good in the world are you enabling? How do you share that and draw energy from it?
  • One word: Automation.
  • Embrace the long-term nature of change built on incremental wins.
There’s a lot of this I’m employing now. I’m preparing to enable others to run workshops and build prototypes - without me. We have a revised repeatable process (and a big Mural board!). Purpose for Etch right now, is supporting the team and supporting them grow - we’re going somewhere different. Automation - more of that this week (but don’t confuse automation with laziness - that’s doing it wrong), and incrementally, we’re making progress.
What do you think about these tips? Let me know!
Thanks for reading,
- Ross
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Here's to fighting growth fatigue this week!
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Ross Chapman
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