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Do you have an alibi? 🤔 #153

Hi everybody, I've been listening to the audiobook "Think and Grow Rich" on recommendation from my fr
Do you have an alibi? 🤔 #153
By Ross Chapman • Issue #153 • View online
Hi everybody,
I’ve been listening to the audiobook “Think and Grow Rich” on recommendation from my friend Nadine Soyez. The last chapter was particularly relevant.
It’s about “The 57 Famous Alibis.” 57 is too many to list here, so I’ve selected a choice few:
  • IF I didn’t have a wife and family …
  • IF I had money …
  • IF I could get a job …
  • IF I only had time …
  • IF times were better …
  • IF I could live my life over again …
  • IF I were only younger …
  • IF I had been born rich …
  • IF I could meet “the right people” …
  • IF I could save some money …
  • IF I had the personality of some people …
  • IF I were not so fat …
  • IF I could only get out of debt …
  • IF I only knew how …
  • IF other people would only listen to me …
IF * * * and this is the greatest of them all * * * I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others.
I’ve said for a long time now that excuses are just getting in the way of execution. Kill the excuse and go produce!
A few opportunities to see me over the coming weeks:
  • SofaConf 2020
  • A podcast I was interviewed on - which captures my current thoughts around the future of work
  • another fun conference which hopefully I can share more about next week!
Thank you for reading this issue,
- Ross

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Reduce the excuse and go produce this week!
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Ross Chapman

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