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Deep understanding 💆 #89

I'm reminded this week that great design can only be achieved once deeply understanding the problem.
Deep understanding 💆 #89
By Ross Chapman • Issue #89 • View online
I’m reminded this week that great design can only be achieved once deeply understanding the problem. Asking why (sometimes 5 times) can reveal surprising insights. 
Sometimes though, the environment makes this incredibly difficult and something to be aware of.
Hubert Palan said something that I’ve seen many times in my career. In his article “why designing b2b software is hard” he’s witnessed that:
Engineering mindset rules, left brain wins over the right brain
He goes on to say:
This creates a vicious cycle. Creative talent is less attracted to working in a hard-core engineering culture, thus B2B companies can’t hire great designers
I certainly found this when working at the engineering-based business Ericsson. A company full of engineers and I was one of two UX designers. It was hard!
No matter what the business situation though, I hope I’m able to take on more problems to solve, no matter what the business context. To do that though, I need to go deeper on understanding the context.
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- Ross

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