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Create and learn 👩‍🏫 #132

Hey everybody, This week, on the advice of Tom, I watched the Nine Inconvenient Truths. Now usually,
Create and learn 👩‍🏫 #132
By Ross Chapman • Issue #132 • View online
Hey everybody,
This week, on the advice of Tom, I watched the Nine Inconvenient Truths. Now usually, I find the likes of Sam Ovens and others slippery at best, but listening to what Sam was saying, a few lightbulbs 💡went off in my brain.
One highlight, that I’ll dive into here is the ’focus is greater than diversification.’
Sam explains that those who diversify don’t really know what they’re ultimately good at. They cover all bases without honing down on either their Number 1 product/service, or without improving it over time, instead creating new products and services.
On products and services, we’re doing ok. Etch Sprints just does design sprints!
But where this can help me right now is on my channels. Currently, I’m looking at the data on my social channels (I have a number!) and using this idea, working out which I should keep and which I shouldn’t focus on.
This is what I’m currently thinking (and can change at any time 😂) - and this is for Etch Sprints, not my personal brand
  • Podcast - actually gets a number of listens, but hasn’t been on the right platform - moving to Simplecast and heading for the Apple Podcast chart
  • Instagram - I’ve had a number of valuable conversations. Good for learning - unsure about for selling (but that’s ok!) and needs ads to grow
  • Facebook - we’ve got a Facebook page and a Facebook group - most people are on Facebook and has a global reach
  • Email - Only just started for Etch Sprints. I know email in this format works for some, but interestingly hasn’t lead to much in the way of actual business - maybe one day?!
My personal brand also helps. I had one conversation the other day with a follower and they said “what you do is really interesting, but what is a design sprint?” 😂
One thing to note is that I haven’t really publicised these channels with ads or strategies. It’s because I’ve been experimenting and trying to find my voice. For example, the podcast could be huge, but it really needs regular effort. It may also need a co-host.
Places I’m not focussing effort on are Twitter and Snapchat (and currently YouTube). I’ll start using YouTube more in the New Year, but right now Twitter and Snapchat can chill.
I’ll keep creating and learning from the data
thanks, Ross
Note: if you too want to learn more about design sprints - check the workshop link below ⬇️

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Here's to creating and learning!
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