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Coping with the workload 📇 #87

The long break is over and I'm back! I've been reading a couple of books and it's really made me thin
Coping with the workload 📇 #87
By Ross Chapman • Issue #87 • View online
The long break is over and I’m back!
I’ve been reading a couple of books and it’s really made me think about how busy we make ourselves. Yes, we get work done, but I feel like we could be way more consistent about it.
Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take what I’ve learned and apply. The advantage as I see it isn’t that we’re trying something new, but something that works and has been proven to work with others Product design sprints aren’t new, so stop multitasking, follow a routine and ultimately, do better work in less time.
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Here's to coping with the working!
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