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Consistency over Intensity ⛅️#145

Hey everybody, I'm currently reading The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and it's blowing my mind. If yo
Consistency over Intensity ⛅️#145
By Ross Chapman • Issue #145 • View online
Hey everybody,
I’m currently reading The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and it’s blowing my mind. If you want a summary, here’s a good video on YouTube.
Consider what is going to be more successful: One large event per year or a smaller series of events every month. Of course that depends on your definition of success, but it’s a good illustration of Intensity (1 event) versus Consistency (a series of events).
Same can be said for social media content. 1 high-quality post a week or daily content at medium quality. Quantity is better.
I’m helping a lot of teams understand their Strategy at the moment. It’s great to understand what they think success is and how they get there. Sometimes it’s not a destination (intensity), but a feeling or mindsey (consistency). Jeff Boss shares a few of his in this article - I’ve picked out my top 5:

  1. Winning isn’t something you achieve. Rather, it’s a mindset of perpetual pursuit; a belief that there is always something to learn from setback and that failure doesn’t exist unless you believe it does.
  2. Winning is believing in a purpose—something that “pulls” rather than “pushes” you along that entices you to find that next step, to look for the next opportunity.
  3. Winning is working in an environment where you’re not afraid of political backstabbing because you trust others’ intentions to be right.
  4. Winning is communicating often. To communicate effectively means to share information such that everybody understands the same definition of success . If communication is lacking, then every organizational silo chases after winning differently because they each have their own interpretation of what winning looks like.
  5. Winning is about being in the moment; it’s about reading your child a bedtime story and not thinking about your next project deadline.
What’s your definition of winning?
Thank you for your attention,

thanks, Ross

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Here's to being Consistent over being Intensive!
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