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Businesses buy Growth, not Design 📈 #148

Hey everybody, I've missed a few weeks, but I'm back. The correlation between business growth and goo
Businesses buy Growth, not Design 📈 #148
By Ross Chapman • Issue #148 • View online
Hey everybody,
I’ve missed a few weeks, but I’m back.
The correlation between business growth and good design is well known now. The more problems solved with design, the more likely the organisation is to grow. This quote from a Forbes article illustrates it well:
The fact is, good design should function. Known for his innovative automobile designs for BMW and other iconic brands, Henrik Fisker put it well by saying, “If design isn’t profitable, then it’s art.”
But to complicate things, I don’t think leading with Design will make you many friends in the business. Instead, Growth can be a better catalyst for experimentation and trying new processes.
I’ve been considering aligning to this idea myself, promoting the Sprint as a Growth process, evening calling it the Growth Sprint. Innovation is hard to sell, because organisations ultimately don’t want to buy innovation. They want to grow and they want to increase their value, not just as a brand, but as an employer.
What’s your experience?
Finally, a few opportunities coming up that you might find valuable:
Thank you for reading this issue,
thanks, Ross
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