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Bet against the consensus 👋 #133

The only way to make money is to bet against the consensus. The stuff that works for other people are
Bet against the consensus 👋 #133
By Ross Chapman • Issue #133 • View online
The only way to make money is to bet against the consensus. The stuff that works for other people aren’t necessarily going to work to help make you successful.
Some learnings from James Nord, CEO of Fohr.
People will say what you’re working on won’t work.
Ignore them and get back to work.
You will be wrong. You will fail a lot, but that is where you will learn and there are no shortcuts to that. That’s why it takes a number of years for a company to get to six or seven figures.
I’m in Month 3 of Etch Sprints. I’ve learnt a lot and that’s my oxygen right now. I’ve learnt who my customers are. I’ve learnt what I’m selling. I’ve got a toolkit, a system, so I can repeat myself well and cut down on the busy work.
I’m adjusting a few of my tactics based on what I’ve learned. The Etch Podcast is now on iTunes, after an experimentation period and will shortly be on Spotify and Stitcher.
I’m learning and getting help with selling events. What’s been consistent is the feedback in that it’s great content, “10/10.” That tells me I now need to work on awareness, because the product is good right now.
And a whole bunch of other stuff, even to the macro. If I don’t have a plan of my day, I lose focus and it doesn’t feel purposeful. To help, I write down a Highlight and reflect on that after. More on that technique here.
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Here's to betting against the consensus!
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