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Back into the thick of it 🎆 #144

1st October is our new financial year at Etch and it's a time for me to reset, recharge and get thing
Back into the thick of it 🎆 #144
By Ross Chapman • Issue #144 • View online
1st October is our new financial year at Etch and it’s a time for me to reset, recharge and get things going once again.
You can look at spreadsheets until your eyes fall off, but essentially it’s the start of a race - a race to cover my costs for the year and then make profit - profit that I can reinvest into people.
This is my MBA, so I’m bound to make a tonne of mistakes and not know some of those key business building principles - but when I encounter it, I’ll go to Google and find out - or ask the people around me.
Two weeks ago, I went to the Google Sprint Conference - the only industry conference I go to. I went to learn, to discuss and to speak. It reminded me of two key things.
Firstly, why I set out on this endeavour. The design sprint clarified so much for me. How to do better work in the same amount of time. How to actually collaborate with people. Sure, you’ve got to rewire your brain to begin with, but once you’re there - it’s so much better. I know it has further impact to make.
Secondly, being the 1st birthday of Etch Sprints - and keeping in the spirit of last year, I wanted to announce some new things. They’re going to take a couple more weeks to get there, but I promise you it’ll be worth it.
Things will feel new again, I’ll push myself out of my comfort zone and we’ll start making more progress: Further, faster.
Appreciate your attention,

P.S. Videos will come soon, but here’s a podcast on burnout for now.

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