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Action Leads Strategy 🔥 #146

Happy New Year everybody, For anyone hoping that I'll be sharing my New Year's Resolutions, in this i
Action Leads Strategy 🔥 #146
By Ross Chapman • Issue #146 • View online
Happy New Year everybody,
For anyone hoping that I’ll be sharing my New Year’s Resolutions, in this issue, you’ll be deeply mistaken!
However, I DO believe that goal setting is important:
Realistically speaking, setting monthly goals makes more sense. You build up your self-esteem, raising the bar as you move forward. ref
Part of the reason some goals don’t stick is because of how the brain works, and it’s related to addiction. The reason you may reach for your phone first thing in the morning is to get that first hit of Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in pleasure, motivation, and learning and so part of the reason you’re reaching for your phone, is because of the addictive pleasure it’s giving your brain.
Ever wonder why sometimes, at work, the most important tasks, and sometimes the things you really want to do, just don’t get done?
It’s because you’re not getting that brain pleasure.
So when you’re setting goals, try and break it down and give yourself pleasure when achieving them. It may mean that actually, you have to change your goals to suit. But don’t spend too long deciding your goals. Getting started is better than being right, after-all.
Let Action lead your Strategy this year.
Finally, thank you for continuing to read this newsletter. This time of year is usually when I remind myself to unsubscribe from a lot of email I get, so thank you for demonstrating that I’m offering something valuable.
And thank you to my friends, partners and mentors for helping me keep actionable. This year for me is going to be more about not just doing, but doing well.

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Here's to taking Action to lead your Strategy this year!
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