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99 ideas but you gotta pick just 1 🎲 #99

Issue 99 - crazy! That's two years of sharing insights, adapting the format and content based on feed
99 ideas but you gotta pick just 1 🎲 #99
By Ross Chapman • Issue #99 • View online
Issue 99 - crazy! That’s two years of sharing insights, adapting the format and content based on feedback and consistently publishing each week.
Now deep into January, I’m looking at what to pick up. My peers and influences would say start a podcast. I was briefly considering it.
After spraining my ankle trying to learn to skateboard, I had some time to understand what’s out there. I listened to many design podcasts and non-design podcasts. Few were floating my boat.
Part of the reason maybe that I don’t listen to podcasts. When I’m at work, I put my full effort into working towards outcomes. When I’m riding to the studio or needing a different zone, I put on some music (frequently new music).
But what I do enjoy learning from is video. Right now that’s Instagram Stories (morning and lunchtimes) and YouTube (evenings).
Another thing to bear in mind is idea and execution and that ideas are just a multipler of execution. More info on that here. You can have an ok-ish idea, executive it very well and you’ll win. You can have an amazing idea, execute it badly, and it won’t do so well.
Gives me food for thought that.
Thanks for supporting this issue,
- Ross
ps. Next issue is #100. I feel like another change is due. What do you want to see, what do you want to keep and what do you want to drop from these weekly digests? Reply to this email and let me know!

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