You either win or you learn 🎖 Issue #69

According to Daniel Burka, design partner at Google Ventures - you either "win or you learn" in a des
You either win or you learn 🎖 Issue #69
By Ross Chapman • Issue #69
According to Daniel Burka, design partner at Google Ventures - you either “win or you learn” in a design sprint. This is a much better way of explaining the fail fast idea, and one which I think will resonate with C-level and executive teams.
Why spend five months making something that may fail, when you can spend five days?
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UX design 🙋
GV design partner, Daniel Burka, on prototyping your way to massive influence
Slow and steady might win the race, but sprinting can help kickstart that initial concept. Burka explains the concept of a “design sprint,” details how to get your team on board and highlights actionable steps to ensure “you either win or you learn.”
How can designers elevate their position in a boardroom? Daniel Burka shares why he thinks design is the equivalent of the scientific method for businesses, plus more about the Google Design Sprint.
The Three-Hour Brand Sprint
Talking of sprints, here is a simple brand cheat-sheet on how to understand your brand in three hours!
A handy checklist to help your user research run smoothly.
Process between projects or tasks rarely follow the same formula, but this checklist can at least steer you in the right direction when approaching user research. 
eCommerce 💳
Attention Spans Are Short: Here’s How to Hook Users
Great tips in this post. “Limiting options” is something I strive for time and time again. The less options you give a user, the less they have to understand and the quicker they can complete their task. Worth reading!
New John Lewis boss says department store needs reinventing
In her first interview, the chain’s new boss says it is in good shape - but it needs to change. I look forward to seeing what Paula Nickolds does with the 150-year company in a time when online is winning and your business is based upon department stores.
Project management and agile
How does project management fit into Agile software development? I don’t know and that’s why I read up with articles like this. Waterfall methods mean that you have to estimate stuff first and endlessly tweak deadlines to deliver on a time agreed with leadership. That doesn’t sound right! User research tells us what we need to achieve and data tells us the opportunities to improve conversion. Why can’t we just iterate, iterate, ITERATE?
Cycling 🚴
British endurance cyclist Mike Hall killed in road race
Woke to the tragic news of the death of Mike Hall this morning, who was racing (and possibly winning) the Indian Pacific Wheel Race in Australia. He died doing what he loved. My condolences to his family and friends. I never met Mike, but hoped that one day I’d listen to his racing briefing at a Transcontinental Race one day. I still can’t quite believe we’ve lost this great talent 😭
The future for UK cycling: How can we get more kids on bikes?
I want to go riding with my children this summer and onwards. What’s stopping me? Segregated cycle infrastructure. Simple, but read this article anyway if you two are looking to ride with little ones.
Cycling UK asks metro mayoral candidates what they will do for cycling if elected
Something to hold them to account when they do get elected!
Coolness 😎
JR East Unveils Luxury Sleeper Train Designed by Ferrari Designer Ken Okuyama
With recent events, I’m starting to leave the car at home and commute by train. What if the train was like this?!
Google: Why I Had to Leave to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
This entrepreneur listened to strong career advice. He left Google so he could join Techstars and successfully launch his startup.
Follow what you believe.
Charles T. Munger and the prescription for a life of misery
I’ve seen this being linked to a fair bit in the past week. How can you be miserable? 
1. Be unreliable
2. Don’t learn from others
3. If at first you do not succeed then do not try again
4. Don’t change your mind
Win or learn, but never give up!
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