Where do you get your inspiration? 🌟 #77

When you're part of an in-house design team, sometimes you can get under-nourished. I make sure I'm k
Where do you get your inspiration? 🌟 #77
By Ross Chapman • Issue #77
When you’re part of an in-house design team, sometimes you can get under-nourished. I make sure I’m kept up to date by checking blogs and what other people are sharing on Twitter. What I don’t do enough is get away from the screen.
This issue, I binned off eCommerce and brought in Events. It’s crazy to think that it’s now June and I haven’t been out in the design community as much as I’d like. 
If you’d like events to stick, let me know!
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UX design 🙋
How to get started with user testing at your company
We all know user testing is valuable. So then why do so few of us do it? I love how some companies do weekly user testing (“user testing Thursdays” etc.) and some, like GOV.UK, have monthly quotas for all to see users interact with what they’re building. But how do you get started, from recruitment, to doing the actual test? InVision’s got you covered.
Pattern Libraries
Southampton student Tash Hockey talks about how to start using pattern libraries in your work. Touches on something I saw Etch tweet out this week “We’re not building pages, we’re building systems.”
The mistakes we make in making the case for design.
One of the most common questions I get from designers is, “How did you convince your company to invest in design?” 
Amanda Linden, Director of Product Design at Facebook talks about how design projects should align with company objectives. “You’ll be more successful in building momentum for your initiative if you take the time to really internalize your organization’s priorities.”
Events 🗓
ShareUp #5
This issue I’m sharing some events that should get you out from desk and into the wider community. First up is ShareUp #5:
At ShareUp we encourage creators to task themselves with something that they have been neglecting or have never experimented with before but are interested in learning. Even if you don’t make content, but want to get into the habit, come along and see what it’s all about!
Generate London 2017
Listen to design experts such as Giles Colborne, Aaron Gustafson and Irene Pereyra at this years Generate London - always a hot ticket!
Leading Design Conference 2017
A conference for design leaders around the world. I went to this last year and it blew my mind! Make sure you’re available for 25–27 October 2017. I may go again!
Cycling 🚴
Vulpine "back up to speed in days" as brand bought by Mango Bikes
So pleased to hear Vulpine has a new owner! There’s a lot of work ahead of them to build back confidence, but I’m so glad that the road ahead is clear!
Minipips and his Dad's Cycling Adventures: Highland Trail 550 - Part 4
A Son and Father’s adventures on their bicycles, fueled by a son’s enthusiasm for cycling. So many ideas for trips with my two little ones with the New Forest just on our doorstep!
Velofix: "Goal to become world's largest bike shop network is on course"
When’s the planned expansion in Europe? Consolidation would be massive for bike repair services.
Coolness 😎
Google’s huge new London HQ is a ‘landscraper’ with a rooftop garden
And a swimming pool, and massage rooms, and a running track. Wow. I used to live within a stone’s throw of Google’s new HQ. Kings Cross is always a pleasure to visit.
RCA appoints Apple design chief Jony Ive as new chancellor
No mention of Apple opening an office in Battersea as well? I wonder if Jony will actually move back to the UK with this news.
Fuck Productivity
Productivity won’t make you a better person, a better partner or a better friend. Instead it will drive you crazy by lowering your self worth in times of hardship. 
Abby Covert shares her experience of getting stuff done. In her words “there is dark for every light.”
Here's to being inspired to design well
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