Tomato timing for discipline 🍅 #82

I've been looking at improving focus this week, and it seems it's a common problem in the industry. I
Tomato timing for discipline 🍅 #82
By Ross Chapman • Issue #82
I’ve been looking at improving focus this week, and it seems it’s a common problem in the industry. I’ve often been based in an open-plan studio and it’s all too easy to walk on over to the person you need to talk to and unintentionally interrupt their work.
It reminds me of the Pomodoro technique I tried once, where you conduct focussed work for around 20 minutes, and then have a 5 minute break, later having a longer break. Setting up other rules such as only contacting each other on Slack is going to be something I’ll also try next week to gain more focus through discipline.
I’ve found more often than not that urgent things are rarely that urgent.
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Digital product design 👨‍💻
The Importance of Cognitive Bias in Experience Design
Design can benefit from thinking of cognitive biases as keys to efficiency and accuracy, rather than as roadblocks in the way. 
Quite a deep article, but links nicely to designing the user experience of digital products. You could also pull out the “Dunning-Kruger effect” at dinner parties to impress your friends.  •  Share
Pomodoro + Slack
/remind me in 80 minutes to take a break.
Slack can facilitate the Pomodoro technique - one to try next week.
An Interview with Eric Reiss - User Experience Consultant and Author
Eric Reiss was one of the founders of modern UX design, once called “Scandinavian Service Management” in the 1980s. CareerFoundry asks Eric about the value of UX and his advice on people starting out in UX. TL:DR The best advice Eric ever received was to take risks.
User research 🙋
Alexa, Please Kill Me Now
When Alan Cooper speaks, we listen! Here Alan discusses the need for devices to understand human nature better when it comes to voice. “Sadly, inserting voice in the interaction always inserts uncertainty, too, and that, I predict, will never go away.”  •  Share
Content design in services – 5 reasons why it’s important
Microcopy, UX copy, content, words… we have lots of ways of describing the content we put into the interactive services we design. But why? Sarah Richards dives in…
Stop designing filters and start designing search
What’s a good design pattern for search filters? I’m not sure and nor is Joe Leech. Golden quote? “The most accurate, powerful search engine on the planet doesn’t have filters.” Hmm..
Cycling 🚴
Private equity groups again rumoured to be closing on Rapha takeover
Sky News is reporting that private equity groups are once again paying close attention to Simon Mottram’s Rapha business.
I’m not understanding the full benefit here, but I’m guessing if you flush funds at good ideas, you can achieve so much more.
29 Camping Bikes and Their Riders From Swift Campout Vancouver
I love these photos! Look how happy they are!
Coolness 😎
The Benefits of Talking to Yourself
Thanks for sharing Tom! Self-talk is sometimes looked at as just an eccentric quirk, but research has found that it can influence behaviour and cognition. Glad it’s not just me then.
Ideas know no age
Worry that the clock is ticking? Worry not. Ideas know no age.
AI-Powered Networking
Networking is among the top reasons people attend events and meetings. Get some tech to power-up pressing the flesh.
Here's to training your brain!
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