👫 Together is better 👫 Issue #59

Doing things as a group is far more interesting to me than as an individual, whether that be work or
👫 Together is better 👫 Issue #59
By Ross Chapman • Issue #59
Doing things as a group is far more interesting to me than as an individual, whether that be work or play.
This is especially true in design. The best projects I’ve ever worked on involve a diverse team. Unique people coming together to solve problems. With the team involved in nearly every stage, projects gain velocity and excitement builds with the breakthroughs shared as they come in. The design team at Envato work in the following fashion:
We rarely sit at our desks. Design facilitation is our new role. We collaborate in the open to facilitate the design of the product. The results can only be realized once the design is part of the product and in the hands of the customer—we can’t do this alone (ref).
Maybe it’s time to be a bit more open with your team.
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UX design 🙋
Why you should host user testing viewing parties
Watching usability test videos as a group can help gain empathy within the team. Breakthroughs can be celebrated and people in your team may interpret results slightly differently. Together is better!
Applying content design training
On the back of the content design webinar I talked about last issue, I delved into Sarah’s blog and this guest post from Kat Rose really breaks down the fundamentals of content design training applied within a business. Great tips to execute upon your training.
Fat Face’s Leanne Churcher, on overcoming the challenges faced as a Solo UX Designer
The UX designer of one is a situation I see a lot. It can often serve well as an introduction for a business to learn about user experience design. In Jeff Gothelf’s webinar, he answered a question about this very subject. He said that solo UX designers should evangelise user experience in the business and champion user needs to start with - great tips from the author of Lean UX.
eCommerce 💳
How Amazon arranges its warehouses
I watched this last week - so good! Instead of ordering items by type, Amazon randomly places items across its warehouse and then uses apps to route the picker through the quickest way possible. Mind-blown!
2 Essential User Tests You Should Run Weekly On Your eCommerce Site
TL:DR; Test your checkout process and your navigation. Find where the problems are. For example, if you need to improve login, consider social sign in, or asking less questions in registration.
Why most A/B tests give you bullshit results
There is no silver bullet. A-B tests are powerful, but need to be used in the right way. When a test gives you inconclusive results - what do you do then? 
Cycling 🚴
Website catalogues Google StreetView images before and after cycle improvements
I’ve recently started to engage with the cycling community in Southampton. There’s a number of investment projects kicking off soon that could consider cycling, so raising the voice of the cyclist and getting to see safer cycling within the city can only improve access to a healthy mode of transport, reducing the strain on local health services and alleviating vehicle congestion.
It’s as I often say: If it’s easy, people will do it!
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Brompton's profits slide heavily amid investment, but bounceback coming says UK manufacturer
When you invest, your profits are likely to take a hit. I’m also confused with the current state of the cycling industry - is it growing or tumbling? Brompton believes strong growth in manufacturing will continue.
The story of Isambard's Cycles
CycleFox talks with Sarah and Tim from Isambard’s Cycles in London. Their range of vintage racer and track bikes look real tasty!
Coolness 😎
In an 8-Hour Day, the Average Worker Is Productive for This Many Hours
Yet a study of nearly 2,000 full-time office workers revealed that most people aren’t working for most of the time they’re at work.
Harking back to my previous issue, context switching, distractions from large open-plan offices, unfocused meetings and admin reduce the working time people experience at work to, on average, 3 hours a day.
But it also highlights something that I’ve come to recognise. While working hours have reduced from 10-16 hours in the Industrial Revolution, down to 8 in the Information Age, when it comes to families and having parents at work, work time doesn’t match up with school time. My children go to school 8-3:30pm. I work 8-5pm. That just doesn’t “work”, does it?
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2016 In Review
Likely the coolest design studio on the planet right now, Bakken Baeck have had an awesome year. Learn how keeping bees, delivered piñatas by drone and spending 27 hours in Berlin for an unforgettable Christmas party instills a company culture of creativity. It’s also won them work. Mad props!
My 'buy nothing year': How one woman saved £22,000 
It’s amazing the amount of money we fritter away. Michelle McGagh shares how she only focused on buying the essentials, choosing a cycling holiday in the UK over going abroad and no meals or drinks out. A perspective that is worth reading and some tips worth following.
Together is better!
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