Summer vacation ☀️ #86

I'm on my summer holidays next week, so no issue from me this or next Friday (and sorry this issue is
Summer vacation ☀️ #86
By Ross Chapman • Issue #86
I’m on my summer holidays next week, so no issue from me this or next Friday (and sorry this issue is late!).
I know I COULD queue up a digest for while I’m away, but what I think you appreciate is the human curation of what I find for you to view considering the previous week in design. Each issue is as good as it can be up to the moment I publish it and scheduling links for the future doesn’t feel fresh 🍍 enough!
So here’s your digest and the next one from me will be with you in a couple of weeks time.
Thanks, as ever, for supporting these issues. 
- Ross

Digital product design 👨‍💻
Building a High-Fidelity Prototype in One Day
So much goodness coming out of AJ&Smart, a Design and Innovation Consultancy that runs Design Sprints (created by Jake Knapp, formerly of Google Ventures) for their clients. Getting a lot of inspiration from these Berlin-based folk (as the countless links to their content can testify!).
My first 100 days
A post from me! 35 days and counting. I’m loving what I’m doing and I’m taking on more and more, but what I’m lacking is a strategy, so here’s one that should be easy enough to follow (I think!).
The Sad State of Payment Buttons
Payment buttons are awful. I think the key problem is that they’re rarely native to the experience and seem to add an element of friction in the purchasing journey. John Freeborn takes a deeper look into the sad state of payment buttons.
User research 🙋
FAQ: Do UX Designers Need to Know Programming and Computer Science?
Lifting the lid on big questions! Personally, I think it’s only natural for designers to be picking up front-end coding, which I’m finding a more important skill in prototyping, especially content-first experiences. Current front-end developers - start looking at React.js - I’m seeing so many job descriptions out there for React devs!
UX, Psychology and the Power of 100
Behavioural design is an area I’m getting more and more involved in, so treat Joe Leech’s Psychology and the Power of 100 as a great crash course into frameworks for product design.
Log usability tests like a pro
I needed this last week! Doing usability tests is good, but to make the most of them, you need to document them efficiently. David Travis has some hot-tips on how to log like a pro.
Cycling 🚴
To Boost Bicycling, We Need Dutch-style Bike Paths
In the 1970s, cycling had its moment in the United States. Manufacturers were churning out bikes and adults, not just children, were buying them. The nation was set to usher in a new era where two wheels trumped four and the infrastructure was there to support this rediscovered mode of transport.
London - you’ve done well, but what about other cities? How can they get segregated infrastructure? I ride on a lot of the cycle paths around Southampton, UK, and boy - there’s a lot that could be improved. More arguments for making that happen - here.
The Rider Firm talks luring bike trade talent and adding house brands
The Rider Firm is growing with a number of key hires. Responsible for Hunt Bike Wheels, Mobel Clothing and now Dissent 133, where they’ “creating products that will become immensely good value for money as they’ll keep poor weather entirely at bay.” Bad weather is pretty much guaranteed towards the end of the year, so well worth a lurk if you want to stay comfy on the bike in the foulest of weathers.
More people riding bikes makes cycling safer for everyone, major new study finds
Unsurprising, but good all the same. The more people do something like cycling, the safer it becomes.
Coolness 😎
Offscreen Magazine Issue 17
Interviews with Tom Loosemore, Heather B. Armstrong, Jason Santa Maria and Ashwini Asokan. Loosemore works at The Co-Operative as Group Director of Digital Services, previously founder of the UK’s Government Digital Service. Worth a read!
10 Ways To Kick Ass & Get Noticed
Ten tips to get ahead. Worth thinking about if you’re feeling like you’re not progressing like you should be.
Mike Bracken gives Computing his view of what digital transformation really is. It’s not just marketing spiel. 
Here's to getting things done so you can enjoy the sun!
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