Show off ⭐️ Issue #62

I saw a question posted on LinkedIn asking:What's the difference between a good UX professional and a
Show off ⭐️ Issue #62
By Ross Chapman • Issue #62
I saw a question posted on LinkedIn asking:
What’s the difference between a good UX professional and a GREAT UX professional?
Through the comments, I got a sense that: 
  • Good UXers base their designs on tests with real users.
  • Great UXers solve problems, instead of creating designs. They align business goals with user needs and come up with actionable user-centric solutions.
I’ve gone through many portfolios and the thing that most applicants miss is showing this problem solving skill. Sharing work like this entices others to put their trust in you, and being able to demonstrate that is really very powerful. Show how you got to the root of the problem. Take photos of what you did and who with. Here’s an example we did last year.
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UX design 🙋
Applying User-Centered Design for Social Good
Read how Huge agency designed a product for survivors of sex trafficking by bringing together experts from the community. Our team did a similar thing on a recent project - interviewing experts to glean what we could. Good read!
What we mean when we talk about a ‘minimum viable product’
If our end goal was making a new kind of wedding cake, we might first test with a simple cupcake.
A minimum viable product is a term I find misused by many. It’s not a term for first delivery or first phase - it’s a vehicle to start the learning and figure out whether your digital product will be successful.
At Co-op Digital, an MVP is the first attempt to solve our users’ problems. I like this definition.
Design a portfolio that packs a punch
Select the right projects. Choose work that you’d like to do more of. Marc Anderson goes through how to make a portfolio that converts!
eCommerce 💳
The Shameful Objectification of Women, in Tech Marketing
We need to work towards ending sexism in our industry and incite the same change across other industries.
Find and Leverage Retail Trend Data to Grow Your Business
Data is the backbone of many eCommerce businesses. Retail trend data can be a useful source of information when trying to make assumptions of the market and shopping habits. While data suggests that price is a big driver, over time, user experience will command users attention.
55 eCommerce Metrics & KPIs To Drive 10x Growth
If you can’t measure something, you really have little chance of improving it. Here, Kunle Campbell sets out the right things to measure and how. A worthwhile resource and one to read and refer back to often.
Cycling 🚴
This is the video from last years Torino-Nice Rally - a 700km one stage ride from the western Italian Alpes down to the coast of southern France. Joachim Rosenlund takes us on the highs and lows of this unsupported bikepacking adventure, along historic trade routes and amazing landscapes. Looks so good!
Cowley Road Condors: Creating a Cycling Club with 50:50 Gender Split
Expert advice for clubs that want to encourage equal membership. My riding isn’t as regular as I’d like right now - having more people to ride with would be so awesome.
Will Kernan replaces Stefan Barden as Wiggle boss
I’m just going to leave this here 😆.
Coolness 😎
Tobias van Schneider on the importance of honesty and why he has a "chaotic" workspace
I honestly never thought of getting into design in the first place, all I knew was that I loved everything around computers.
Emily Gosling interviews well-travelled Tobias van Schneider and who lists Spotify in his portfolio of previous work. When asked “what advice would you give to people who are thinking of starting their own design studio?” to which he replies “"Just do it.” ✔︎
How I went from zero experience to landing a 6-figure San Francisco design job in less than 12 months
Hard work will take you places. I really enjoyed reading this long-form post about one man’s journey to becoming a UX designer. Trials, tribulations, but unrelenting passion and thirst for knowledge.
Apple 'optimistic' about post-Brexit UK
Great to see Tim Cook swinging by London and checking out ustwo games and its new London HQ in Battersea Power Station. When Tim says the UK will be “just fine,” and has meetings with the Prime Minister about Apple’s UK investment commitments, I feel a little better about things.
Here's to showing off how good you really are!
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