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Reviewing and Improving 👀 #172

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
Just like Ali Abdaal said in his recent newsletter, I’m feeling quite optimistic about 2021.
Reviewing and Improving is this week’s theme. Being the first week back to work for most, my sales and marketing activity hasn’t been as important as understanding the impact of what I want to achieve, reviewing how I’ve done and improving by setting goals and tasks to get there.
It’s also freakin’ cold 🥶. I’m writing this issue at my kitchen table. With a new heater on order and a few further upgrades to my home office, I know it’s going to be a hard and smart work year.
I’ve also found myself saying “after COVID” and “in the future” less. Truth is, without a crystal ball, we don’t know what’s coming up, so instead of procrastinating, I’m capitalising on the rising interest on the internet, the work from home situation and making both long and short term bets.
Long term readers may know that I’m no fan of New Year’s Resolutions. The world moves faster than that, as does my attention. What I do set is a number of objectives and quarterly goals to achieve them. I plan on sharing these outcomes when I hit them and as ever, I’m appreciative of your attention at a time when I usually unsubscribe from all of my newsletters! Christmas was good for a bit of a cleanse!
Thank you and have a great weekend,
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Here's to reviewing and improving for 2021!
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Ross Chapman
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