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Reflecting on '20 🏞 #171

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hey everybody,
When putting this issue together, I Googled messages of 2020. That lead me to a motto: “I’m sorry I have to take care of me.”
Yes, that was some year. 1.66m deaths worldwide so far. We have survived both physically and mentally. We have built resilience. It has not been easy, but we have survived.
The photo above was taken from one of the few trips I did this year: A long weekend with my family in the Lake District. It reminds me that there is more ahead. It may get rocky, there is a clear horizon to shoot for.
I’m looking forward to ‘21, like any other time I’ve seen a year closing out. Some of my highlights this year:
..and a few things I have learned:
  • When stuck, go in search for inspiration - to get excited once more
  • Choose your support group and speak to them often
  • Really don’t care what people think
  • Use your negativity in a positive way
  • A perennial favourite: Keep it simple
I’m leaving this year feeling good. Really good. I hope you get the chance to reflect and relax over this period and I’ll be back in your inboxes in the New Year ✨
Thank you for reading these issues and I look forward to being more valuable than ever in 2021,
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Here's to reflecting and relaxing this time!
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Ross Chapman
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