Push on 🚨 Issue #63

One thing athletes do well is push on. I was reminded of this with Rapha's new film Perspectives, tha
Push on 🚨 Issue #63
By Ross Chapman • Issue #63
One thing athletes do well is push on. I was reminded of this with Rapha’s new film Perspectives, that features four people whose dedication to a goal has shaped their lives.  Not accepting defeat is something athletes do so well.
We don’t always get it right as designers, but we do push on. And anyway, isn’t that why we Build, Measure, Learn?
- Ross

UX design 🙋
How loyalty programs translate to good UX: customers, conversions and sales
Lexie Lu explains how loyalty programs make for great UX. When existing customers are on average 7 times less-expensive than new ones, having a captive audience to learn from.
How to Run an Empathy & User Journey Mapping Workshop
Harry Brignull shares how to do user journey mapping - a really good way of characterising your target users in order to make effective design decisions.
Making it easier to become a member
…in our last sprint, the Membership website team focused on improving the user journey and reducing drop-outs.
I’ ve been linking to a lot of Co-op content lately, because they’re doing it right!
eCommerce 💳
The Mind of an Online Shopper: 11 Stats Online Shop Owners Should Know
Are you looking for ways to improve your eCommerce website? Want to better understand what your visitors are looking for when they land on your site? Red have it.
10 Minute Actions To Improve Your Online Sales
No time? Great. All you need is 10 minutes to improve your online sales.
TL:DR; Incremental gains seen across retail sectors, but digital still far from surpassing in-store sales
Cycling 🚴
A lot of people ask me, “How do I build up my professional network?” My advice to them: don’t do it in the boardroom. Why? For me, it’s a question of “what do we have in common?”
Words to live by in my opinion! 🚵
Distillery Droving: Bikepacking an alternative West Highland Way
This is the kind of adventure I seek. I’ve been recently asking about bothys as a first step to bikepacking. These landscapes look awesome! Also, note the 1x chainset 🙏
In preparation for the next cold snap, the world’s first pedal-powered gritter bicycle took to the cycle paths of London. Nice to see a little bit of British engineering going to good use!
Coolness 😎
Karmarama follows acquisition by Accenture with appointment of experience chiefs
Karmarama has hired brothers Amardeep Singh Shakhon and Gurmit Singh Shakhon as its first executive experience directors. Agencies are now morphing into what the market needs - experience design with iterative delivery. Moah digital!
Bakken & Bæck
Bakken & Bæck’s Handbook is a masterpiece. This isn’t the first time I’ve linked to the influential design firm, for good reason. This document sets the culture and what a fun culture it is!
How to beat SAD and survive the darker, colder months when you freelance
S.A.D has been estimated to affect between one and ten per cent of the population. Yet it’s likely creatives are even more likely to be affected by it, and indeed depression of all kinds, because we tend to think more deeply about our work (as well as, you know, life, the universe and everything).
If you’re feeling any of these emotions, read this to see whether there are any useful tips.
Here's to pushing on!
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